Polar Bear Plunge Milwaukee
January 1st @ Bradford Beach
Get there early for the
Unofficial plunge at NOON
What to Bring:
Loose fitting clothes to get into after you leave the water. Towels and wool blankets. Heating packs for your hands and feet. A sleeping bag is also highly recommended.

The event is free and does not require registration.
If you are driving to the event, you'll want to make sure
to give yourself plenty of time, as parking will be limited.

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runs every 20min. between 10am and 2pm

Water Street
Bradford Beach
Bradford BeachBradford Beach
Colonel Harts
The Chancery
Steve's on Bluemound
Burke's Irish Castle
J&B's Blue Ribbon
Kelly's Bleachers

Red Rock
AJ Bombers
Bradford Beach
Hotel Foster
2 Bucks
Bradford Beach
Bradford Beach